Welcome to the Disclosure page for the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University

Due to the unique nature of healthcare providers’ relationship with industry, disclosure has become standard in all medical presentations and workshops. We have developed this site to facilitate the disclosure process.

(1)Register using a username (your email) and a password (we recommend that you use the same password as you have used for the EBM Calculator, also on the CPD website), and enter your affiliations with industry in the fillable form. Once you have completed this and signed using Docusign™ (2), you will be able to select make a PowerPoint™ slide at the bottom of the page and slides in Dalhousie University colour palette (3) will be made for your use is any speaking engagements you have. After a one-year period, you will be required to verify the accuracy of your disclosures and sign the document again to develop new up-to date slides and we encourage you to update this data if your industry relationships change over the year.

We have developed this process to allow faculty members to disclose annually and will require this of all our CPD faculty going forward.

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